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Ford EcoSport bookings stopped for some variants

By   |   31 October,2013

Despite the launch of the Nissan Terrano, the Ford EcoSport continues to have its dream run and that means if you are waiting for one or worse even thinking about booking one, it is a long wait indeed. The Ford EcoSport is in huge demand and it has reached a point where bookings some of the variants have been stopped for the EcoSport. We have learnt that bookings for all petrol variants of the Ford EcoSport have been stopped while bookings for some diesel variants (top-end) are still open though mind you the waiting period is around 11 months.

The EcoSport has caught the imagination of the buyers and despite the price rise the EcoSport still represents fantastic value and that is because either its rivals are over priced (in comparison) or not good enough. In our view the EcoSport is the best offerings in the Indian market due to the fact that it covers just about everything a car buyer wants or needs in India.

After some tough times things are slowly looking up and the compact SUV segment is easily the hottest segment in India and those car-makers who are present are reaping the benefits while those who are not are firming up plans to bring compact SUV's in India.

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