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Etios Cross Edition is Toyota's Answer to the EcoSport

By   |   08 November,2013

Toyota currently does not have any product in the compact SUV space and we think the Etios Cross Edition could be its answer. Just like the Volkswagen Cross Polo the Etios Cross Edition is a rugged version of the Etios and certainly looks good.

Launched in Brazil the Etios Cross Edition just like the Cross Polo gets black cladding with silver coloured bits thrown in. It gets new grille, roof rails and cool black alloys. The only other bit changed is that the Etios Cross Edition gets taller suspension which sort of does justice to the Cross tag.

Elsewhere everything remains the same including the engines. The Etios range in India could very well do with this launch and would give a much needed push with sales of compact SUV's soaring. It looks rugged and will have takers for its looks coupled with Toyota practicality and its reliability.

Toyota recently launched the new Innova which has meant good sales of its most important product in India, now we think Toyota should turn its attention towards the Etios range and launch this here. The pricing is of course the key factor here and Toyota needs to price it as low as possible with a small premium over the Etios Liva hatchback.

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