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  • Massive Bevy of Bikers at the India Bike Week Chai and Pakoda Marathon!
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Massive Bevy of Bikers at the India Bike Week Chai and Pakoda Marathon!

By   |   11 November,2013

India Bike week held its second iteration of the comically Chai and Pakoda marathon in Kolkata yesterday. These rides are open to all bikes and are held in a very informal, easy-going atmosphere. Yesterday’s ride took the bikers across 150 km on NH2 to Ahura Dabha and was witness to more than 30 biker groups such as Chakra, D4A, Bengal Lady Bikers, Kolkata Riders, TeamRollers, Highway Pandits, Gallivant Bikers, Eastern Bulls, BFR, Riders of the Liberty, Kbikers and so on.

This ride heralded the commencement of a biking journey across India that will lead up to a formal event in Goa from 17-18 January, 2014. Martin da Costa, CEO of 70 EMG commented on the occasion saying, “We’re organizing Chai and Pakoda rides in 20 cities across India to bring riders together as a Brotherhood regardless of what they ride. Chai & Pakoda welcomes all bikers, and in Kolkata on Sunday we hit a record of over 300 guys and girls riding out together on their favourite machines. It is the start of what will lead up to the second edition of one of India’s biggest ever Festivals – India Bike Week ’14 – THE largest gathering of hard core bikers, fans of the two wheeler way of living, travellers and India’s many music and Festival Fans.”

These rides will be held in 20 Indian cities over the next 3-4 months and will involve a staggering 6,000+ bikers! From Pulsars and CBRs to Harleys and Hayabusas, literally all sorts of bikes and bikers showed up to this unique event to meet, eat, reunite, celebrate the brotherhood of biking and just generally have a whale of a time.

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