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New Honda City Diesel in Detail

By   |   13 November,2013

Update! Car has been revealed, read our New Honda City First Look

The excitement is now entering a whole new level as the reveal date is inching closer. A lot has been written about the new Honda City but here we will break it down to you and tell you what to expect from it. The City from every generation has taken a big leap and now that the current City's innings is all over the new one is completely different and has a new approach.

It will be occupying the space between the Amaze and Accord- indeed a big gap. Now that is a tall order and the new Honda City has a lot to do, so why should you put your money down for it? We tell you below.

It's bigger and better now

The new City has become more plush and has grown in size. The design is more cutting edge with design cues taken from the Honda Crider saloon (pictured here). The new Honda City will have a healthy dose of chrome both at the front and at the back plus it will have LED's. While it is based on the new Jazz the design will be different as you can also see from the current Jazz and City. Compared to the current car the new City has to tackle new segments and up its ante so naturally it has a more stately look this time.

Another advantage is space while the current City is spacious the new one will take things to the new level and easily set a new benchmark. As many customers in this class also sit at the back the rear seat space is important and the new City will be best in class in this regard with more shoulder room, legroom than the current model.

It will have more features on offer

The current City though well equipped lacks many of the new age features found on cars in its price point. The Indian car-buyer has changed and now demands more features as with the cars like the Ford EcoSport the amount of equipment that a car in the Rs 8-13 lakh bracket can have has been changed. Expect even the base variants to be well equipped and the middle of the range models to have all features like Bluetooth, steering controls, USB/Audio system etc.

It will be more fuel efficient

This along with its new design will be its biggest plus point. This diesel engine has transformed Honda India's fortunes with the Honda Amaze and it will do the same with the new City sedan. While a petrol engine will also be there along with an automatic option with that engine only, the diesel is expected to be the best seller. The engine is now not new to us as its the i-DTEC engine but now it will have 125 odd bhp with excellent class leading economy. It will only come with the manual gearbox.


New Honda City will be slightly more expensive than the current version and from what we hear unofficial bookings have already started with the car expected to be revealed in a few days time. Overall though it seems Honda has another winner on its hands as it builds on the strengths of the current model while overcoming the weaknesses.

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