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New Hyundai Mistra Luxury Sedan Looks Good

By   |   16 November,2013

Sometime back Hyundai had shown a concept at the Shanghai Motor Show which was a saloon solely destined for the Chinese market and now you see the production version here. This is the new Hyundai Mistra luxury saloon and is slotted between the Elantra and Sonata. You might remember Honda has also done the same with the Crider slotting between the Civic and Accord.

While it is meant to be positioned below the Hyundai Sonata we feel the Mistra looks more premium with its upmarket design. The Mistra is slightly shorter than the Sonata at being 4,710 mm long. The front is our favourite part with its big grille with tonnes of chrome and from the side it is curvy but very modern in fact this is the best looking Hyundai is what we say.

Inside this feels as big as the Sonata and much bigger than the Elantra though the design is more conservative than the exterior. The quality, fit and finish looks really good and there seems to be lots of space at the back which is important.

As we have said it is meant for the Chinese market with two petrol engines on offer but we think it should make it here as with these looks we can see many going for it, don't you agree?


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