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Mercedes-Benz Develops Car for the Gran Turismo PlayStation Game

By   |   18 November,2013

Think of great PlayStation racing games and one of the very first to pop into mind will be the Gran Turismo series. This racing simulator game was designed by Kazunori Yamauchi and even after having spawned over 10 sequels and spin-offs, it remains one of the highest rated racing games to date.

Mercedes-Benz responded to the call to develop futuristic concept vehicles to mark the 15th year of the Gran Turismo series and came up with the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. The car’s fabulously contoured design reminds us of the majestic cars of the past while simultaneously leaving no doubt that it belongs very much in the future.

This virtual car will be powered by a 585 hp, bi-turbo V8 engine developed by AMG with a torque output of 800 Nm. And because it weighs in at only 1385 kg, the slightest dab on the accelerator makes the car leap forward. To help rein in this explosive performance, AMG ceramic high-performance composite brakes ensures effective braking with almost no fade at all times. AMG sound engineers have even worked on the eight tailpipe exhaust system so that it puts out a sonorous and strong V8 exhaust. Music to the ears of every car lover on the planet!

Open the gullwing doors and slip inside and one immediately notices the Formula 1 inspired cabin with its floating glass instrument cluster, ultramodern dashboard and rocker switches in the dashboard and, reminiscent of an aircraft, in an overhead console. All this design and attention to detail has created a car befitting the GT6 PlayStation game and there is no suspicion that gamers will have a whale of a time driving these on the mean tracks and streets of the virtual world.

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