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First Look at the new Porsche Macan

By   |   20 November,2013

Just a decade ago, no automotive enthusiast would have ever believed that the blue-blooded supercar maker Porsche would one day make an SUV. Then came along the Porsche Cayenne; and now, they have done it again with their new baby SUV.

It’s called the Macan and this crossover joins Porsche’s non-supercar range comprising of their sedan, the Porsche Panamera and their best-seller, the Cayenne. The Macan is built on Volkswagen’s corporate MLB platform, which is also shared by the Audi Q5.

Despite this, every aspect of the Macan has that Porsche feel to it. Like every Porsche, their new crossover is equally twin-faceted, having both sporty and luxurious characteristics. At the outset, Porsche will give the Macan a choice of 2 engines – a 3.0 litre, twin turbocharged V6 making 340 hp and a 3.6 litre, twin turbocharged V6 engine that generates 400 hp.

Both the Macan S and the Macan Turbo will get the 7 speed, dual clutch PDK and the Porsche Traction Management (PTM) 4 wheel drive system. The Macan S can deal with 0-100 kph in 5.2 seconds and the Macan Turbo can do the same in 4.6 seconds. Fitting the Sport Chrono Pack to these cars will shave off another 0.2 seconds in the 0-100 kph dash. Also, the top speeds of the Macan S and the Macan Turbo are 251 kph and 264 kph respectively.

Being the younger brother of the mighty Porsche Cayenne, both these cars will come with an off-road mode as well. The Cayenne is the only SUV that can give the Range Rover a run for its money when it comes to off-roading capability, so one can be sure that that influence will rub off on the Macan as well. The car’s interiors are typically Porsche, being supremely luxurious whilst also having enough gadgets and gizmos to make sane men behave like school children!

The Macan will make its debut next year and it will not be too long before it finds its way to India. Access to the Porsche club looks a lot more plausible now!

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