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Salman Khan Rides a Hand-Crafted Suzuki GSX-R1000Z

By   |   04 December,2013

Salman Khan now also owns an embellished special edition GSX-R1000Z in addition to his already respectable fleet of two wheelers. The movie star acquired his blue and white Suzuki GSX-R1000Z on the occasion of the launch of ‘Suzuki Biking Lords’ – an exclusive superbike club by Suzuki Motorcycle India Limited (SMIL).

The collector’s exclusive GSX-R1000Z is one of only a very few made by Suzuki. This newcomer in his bike collection makes him the sole owner of the limited edition GSX-R1000Z in the country. Salman also owns the legendary superbike Hayabusa and the Intruder M1800 cruiser. Salman Khan took a ride on his new superbike and said, “Suzuki superbikes have always been about technology that translates into power, performance, ride quality and handling. This exclusive GSX-R1000Z is a jewel in Suzuki’s crown of super bikes. It's a biker's privilege to own one. The engineer's skill translates into the rider's thrill. I look forward to many long rides on this bike and experiencing the feeling of freedom and joy that biking always brings.”

Ms. Anu Anamika, the National Head of Marketing at Suzuki Motorcycle India Ltd. Commented on the occasion saying, “Salman’s passion for biking is well known. He has a fine collection of Suzuki superbikes. We are proud that another exquisite Suzuki masterpiece has made its way to Salman’s enviable collection of bikes.”

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