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Paul Walker Personal Car Collection

By   |   04 December,2013

Paul Walker, star of the Fast and Furious films who has been killed in a horrific car crash involving a red Porsche Carrera GT while being a passenger in it was a petrolhead to the core in real life too. His love for cars showed on the screen which enabled him to strike a chord with car lovers all over the world. His death has been a shock to everyone but intead of going into that story let us take a look at the cars that he owned and loved.

For a Hollywood star a garage would mostly consist of a Bentley Continental GT or the Rolls Royce, cadillac Escalade but Paul has other stuff. Stuff that is more interesting. How about a rare 74 BMW 2002 Touring, an Escort Cosworth and not to mention a Ferrari F40?

Over the years Paul had built quite a collection but he also used to sell and buy cars constantly plus not only that he also loved tinkering with cars with a business of car performance parts and exhaust systems. Of course his collection also has the iconic Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra- cars that have been stars of the first and second Fast and Furious films.

The Toyota Supra was a recent addition as he had finally found the one that he liked and the one in his favourite colour and specification. Other than the Supra/ Skyline there was also the BMW M3 or to be specific the E36 M3. In Paul's collection there is the stripped out lightweight M3.

Paul was also a philanthropist but that is a fact not many had known till now which shows the greatness of the man. Being a fan of the Fast and Furious I have to say it will not be the same again without Paul as he starred in all but one of the films (Tokyo Drift) and was the face of the F&F films with Vin Diesel. RIP Paul...

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