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BMW Motorrad Bikes in Dhoom 3

By   |   09 December,2013

In the third instalment of the Hindi action movie series Dhoom, BMW Motorrad and Yash Raj Films will unveil the result of their debut collaboration. The movie, called Dhoom 3 – Back in Action, is slated for a worldwide release on the 20th of December and will contain footage featuring the BMW S 1000RR and the BMW K 1300R.

These high performance bikes will be shown performing daredevil manoeuvres and stunts like action packed overtaking, evasive riding, jumps and high speed runs. The BMW K 1300R roadster has a beefy front end and a slim, sporty rear end. Although this naked bike can hit really high speeds, its road-holding remains stable and corners safely. The BMW S 1000RR sport bike has pure racing characteristics – lightweight aluminium frame, immensely powerful engine and strong brakes. The sharp tail up, nose down design immediately identifies it as a sport bike and leaves no doubt that it can perform explosively.

The Dhoom 3 movie was filmed in Mumbai and Chicago and it revolves around cops Jai Dixit and Ali, played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra respectively on the BMW sport bikes, trying to chase down a thief named Sahir played by Aamir Khan astride the BMW roadster bike. BMW Motorrad is a different division of the firm that also manufactures BMW cars.

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