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Leonardo DiCaprio Creates Formula E Racing Team

By   |   10 December,2013

Formula E is the latest buzz in motorsports circles. The concept is similar to Formula 1 and it revolves around single seater, electric powered racing cars competing for a championship in compliance with a set of rules laid down by the FIA.

The latest person to pitch in is none other than Hollywood star and Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio! The actor has joined hands with Monaco-based electric car firm Venturi Automobiles to form the tenth and final team on the Formula E starting line-up. Other names who have already signed up include Richard Branson’s Virgin Racing, Audi Sport, Drayson Racing and Mahindra Racing.

The races will consist of ten teams of two cars each starting with the inaugural race in Beijing, then moving on to Putrajaya in Malaysia, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Uruguay, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Los Angeles and Miami in the USA, Monaco, Berlin in Germany and finally concluding at London in the UK.

DiCaprio’s involvement in Formula E is expected to heighten the awareness of the championship and boost sales of electric cars. The first season of Formula E races will be held from September 2014 to June 2015.

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