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Indian Car Industry Facing a Tough Time

By   |   11 December,2013

The overall domestic sales of vehicles during the April – November 2013 time period grew marginally by 2.73% as compared to the same time frame of 2012. This growth has been attributed to the rise in sales of two wheelers.

Passenger vehicles sales during April – November 2013 differed from its figure during April – November 2012 by –5.34%. For the same time period, sales of passenger cars, utility vehicles and vans dropped by (-) 4.97%, (-) 3.62% and (-) 12.23% respectively. On the other hand, exports of passenger vehicles increased by 9.64% during this time frame as compared to the same last year.

Sales of commercial vehicles also dived by (-) 17.51% during April – November 2013 over the same period last year. It’s the same story with three wheelers as well; having declined by (-) 7.83% as compared to April – November 2012 but exports of three wheelers painted a much better picture by rising 16.98%.

Two wheelers was the only segment which put up a good show in India. Overall sales increased 5.78% in April – November 2013 over April – November 2012. Motorcycle sales went up by 3.32% but the strongest was the sales of scooters, which appreciated by 18.70%. The exports of two wheelers increased by 3.41% as well.

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