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New Honda City 2014 Launch on 7th Jan 2014

By   |   23 December,2013

While nearly all details of the new Honda City have been revealed there are two important bits still remaining and that is the price and the launch date. We have got to know that Honda will launch the new City on 7th Jan next year. The price is a mystery but from what we hear expect it to be a competitive price and not a huge difference between the diesel and petrol. While we do expect the new City to be priced more spec to spec than the current model, Honda can very well shock us with the price.

The new Honda City has a diesel and a petrol engine with the diesel giving 26 kmpl. The new City also gains new features something which was lacking in the earlier model. In total the new Honda City has five variants including both diesel and petrol.

Honda wants to price the City at various levels in-order to get more market share so expect a price of Rs 8 lakh as starting which sounds tempting for sure and could go around Rs 11.5 lakh for the fully loaded diesel or the top-end automatic petrol. So there you go 7th Jan next year all answers will be revealed.

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