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Volkswagen Reassures Passat Owners

By   |   26 December,2013

Amid the news of the production of Volkswagen’s premium sedan, the Passat, getting the axe, a lot of its existing owners have quite understandably been worried about the car’s servicing and availability of spares.

The German automotive leviathan has issued a press release to quell these worries regarding the Volkswagen Passat – We at Volkswagen continue to sell the current generation of the Passat through our dealer network. As with all our products, serviceability and availability of spares will never be an issue. The requirements of every Passat customer will be catered to with meticulous attention. Globally the next generation of the Passat is being readied and we shall introduce it in the Indian market at the appropriate time.

The company decided to pull the plug on the Passat after its dismal sales performance over the past few months. During the time period of June – November 2013, Volkswagen managed to sell only 235 units of the Passat. However, the car’s Czech sibling, the Skoda Superb, has been selling in decent numbers. It is also worth noting that one of the Passat’s main rivals, the Honda Accord, had its production discontinued recently as well.

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