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Tata Nano diesel to be Unveiled at Delhi Auto Expo 2014

By   |   27 December,2013

Few cars have ever created such a buzz as the Tata Nano. This was to be the least expensive car in the world and anyone who was even remotely interested in the automotive scene was straining to get to know more about this little city car.

But unfortunately, due to a combination of a lot of factors, the Tata Nano never sold in the numbers that it should have. But now, in an effort to recapture the market, Tata Motors has announced that a diesel version of the Nano is in the pipeline and that it will hit the roads very soon. The car has already been spotted by eagle-eyed spy photographers on several occasions undergoing testing and the remodelled bumper and a now functional boot lid have been noticed. It has just been made aware that Tata Motors will unveil the car during the 2014 Indian Auto Expo to be held at New Delhi from February 7th -11th. Sales of the car should commence by the end of March.

It would be fair to conjecture that the diesel Nano will be powered by a 800cc, turbocharged 2 cylinder diesel engine that delivers around 40 bhp. Although power might not be the strongest thing going for this engine, it will surely be a contender for the most fuel efficient in India.

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