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Honda Announces Sporty Concepts for Tokyo Auto Salon

By   |   27 December,2013

The Tokyo Auto Salon is a motor show that is held annually primarily to showcase high performance and customised vehicles and technologies. For the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, Japanese car firm Honda has announced plans of revealing quite few sporty concepts.

The Honda Vezel Modulo, based on the company’s much awaited crossover, gets a sporty body kit, new alloys, glossy black bits of trim with metallic accents, and the byword of sportiness – red leather sports seats. Similar modifications have been done by Mugen Motorsport, a tuning house associated with Honda, to produce the Vezel Mugen.

The Honda Fit, better known as the Jazz in India, has also received the sporty makeover. The car is known as the Fit Special Customize and it receives a very aerodynamic exterior specially made for the car, sports seats, racing drilled pedals, metallic garnishes throughout and a new bumper and grille. Two more concept cars are also in line for the big reveal – the N-One Modulo and the N-Box+ Element kei cars. The N-One Modulo Concept’s styling is reminiscent of a Mini Cooper; the car gets lots of sporty bits and bobs. The N-Box+ Element also has received similar treatment but at the same time, its design still keeps true to Honda’s idea of this car being used for both casual and urban driving.

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