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Ford Sales Rise 2.84% in December

By   |   03 January,2014

American car manufacturer Ford’s India division reported that they had sold 11,209 vehicles in the month of December 2013 as compared to 10,899 units during the same time period of 2012, an increase of 2.84%.

The sales of the company within the country during December 2013 declined to 5,871 vehicles, which is a drop of 9.9% from the 6,517 units sold during the same time of last year. Ford India’s exports, however, took a big leap. The firm exported 4,382 units in December 2012 and during December 2013, the number jumped to 5,338, an increase of 21.8%.

Although the economic situation was rather bleak this year, new products like the Ford EcoSport gave the company the much needed boost to increase sales and brand acceptance among potential customers.

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