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Indian Motorcycles to Be Launched On January 22

By Nitesh Sharma   |   06 January,2014

Undoubtedly, India is emerging as a big consumer of premium cruiser bikes. That’s the possible reason why the iconic American motorcycle brand, Indian has now announced its entry in the Indian bike market. Indian Motorcycles is currently owned by its parent group Polaris industries which also sells bikes through Victory Motorcycles subsidiary.

Polaris is already quite popular in India for selling their ATV and other off road vehicles. Polaris bought Indian Motorcycles in April 2011 and intends to bring back the reputation of the brand. As in the year 1910, Indian was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and it was much ahead than the current market leader, Harley Davidson. In fact, in India, Harley Davidson is often given credit to establish the premium cruiser bike segment and ever since it’s enjoying complete monopoly in the market. After its launch in India, it will give direct competition to the premium models of Harley.

Polaris is yet to officially announce the bike models which it intends to bring down to India via CBU (completely built unit) route as the production will take place in America. However, Polaris has made sure that their motorcycles in India will not share space with their ATV’s and will be sold through independent showrooms. This will bring exclusivity and credibility to this iconic brand.

Last year in August, Indian Motorcycles has started selling its bikes in other international markets with the newly developed 111 -cubic-inch “Thunder Stroke” engine. The appearance of this new motor is quite similar to the old Indian design thanks to the parallel placement of the pushrods. It’s a triple cam, air-cooled engine with an integrated six gear-driven manual transmission. The maximum torque output of this engine is whooping 161.6Nm. Currently, Indian sell three bike models with this Thunder Stroke motor. These three models are as follows:

• Indian Chief Classic

This base model comes with valanced fenders and iconic war bonnet on the front fender which gives it a vintage look.

• Indian Chief Vintage

Technically, this model is identical to its younger sibling. But, the whole leather set up on this bike gives it a much premium look. It includes tan leather saddle bags and matching two-up seat. The additional chrome finishing and windshield also adds to the premium appearance of the bike.

• Indian Chieftain

This is the flagship model of the company and comes loaded with many up-market features including stereo with speakers and Bluetooth media player in its fairing. It also features tire pressure sensors, air adjustable rear shock and motorized windshield adjustment. All three Indian Motorcycles share cruise control, ABS, keyless starting and electronic fuel injection as their standard features.

Jan 22, 2014 is the official debut date of the company in Delhi, India. It’s still to be seen that how will Indian will position its models in our market against the market leader Harley Davidson and newly launched British company, Triumph which also aims to grab the segment of premium cruiser bikes in our Indian market.

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