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Ford India promotes 'Driving Skills For Life'

By Nitesh Sharma   |   06 January,2014

On the occasion of National Road Safety week, Ford India invited us on Saturday to their driver education program-’ Driving Skills for life’. Originally, Ford India launched this program in India in the year 2009. The program promotes safety, eco friendly and economic way of driving in our daily routine.

In the session, vital tips were given by Mr. S.Krishnan, trainer of Ford India which is quite beneficial for new and old drivers. He said- “It’s quite a common problem with Indian drivers that after having few years of driving experience, we start taking things for granted and by doing so, sometimes we find ourselves in trouble situations on the road”. 

In order to prove the fact, after having a theoretical session, we were introduced to an activity where we were asked to apply brakes on an ABS equipped Ford Figo at a certain distance at a certain speed and see if we can actually stop the car within the given distance and speed while thinking that we easily can.

The practical results were also favoring the theory and we experienced the fact that sometimes things can go out of hands at the time of sudden braking if you take things for granted.

So, if you wear seat belts while driving then great and if not then please apply seat belts and we request you to never text while driving because its not only risky for you but you are also risking other’s life. Be responsible for yourself and for the society.

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