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Fiat Shows Teaser of Abarth Brand

By   |   07 January,2014

Fiat owned Italian tuning house Abarth is poised to make an entry into the Indian automotive scene. The car Abarth plans to make its big entry with is the Fiat Grande Punto Abarth and Fiat has already been giving teasers of the Grande Punto Abarth on its Facebook page.

The company plans to manufacture this souped up version of the Fiat Grande Punto domestically so that it can be put on sale for around Rs. 12 lakhs, the strategy being that if they put a car with genuine sporting credentials on sale for a price that isn’t jaw-dropping, it could be a sure fire method of increasing brand awareness and, in turn, the customer base for Abarth.

Abarth will most probably take the 1.4 litre T-Jet engine and boost the power output to a whopping 165 bhp. Keep in mind that the most powerful engine that drives the regular Grande Punto produces 90 bhp and that car is definitely not a slouch. In addition to the beefier engine, Abarth should tweak the suspension and brakes, stiffen the chassis so that body roll does not ruin the performance, provide tyres with more grip and generally set the car up for handling Indian driving conditions. Sales of the Abarth cars might occur within existing Fiat dealerships to make purchasing these tuned cars a streamlined and effortless process.

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