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New Honda City 2014 Accessories

By   |   10 January,2014

So you’ve just bought a new Honda City. There will undoubtedly be many others who have bought the same car, perhaps in the same colour as yours as well. We bet you don’t like the feeling of being a drop in an ocean or blending in with the crowd. Happily, there is a rather simple solution.

Honda has released a set of accessories tailor made for their new sedan of 2014 and this is a brilliant way of making your City stand out. To begin with, there is a front under spoiler. This accessory is attached to the underside of the front bumper and is full of chiselled cuts and sharp angles, giving the whole front of the car an aggressive and forceful appearance.

Then there are the side under spoiler and the rear under spoiler. These two accessories also function in the same way as the front under spoiler. The side under spoiler fits below the running boards down both sides of the car and the rear under spoiler is attached below the rear bumper. Both these attachments also look rakish and are designed to impart a strong look to the Honda City.

Customers also have the option of fitting a duck tail rear spoiler to their car. Unlike conventional rear spoilers, duck tail spoilers do not rise up over the boot lid of the car but instead, they sit flush on the boot lid itself and the top part of the spoiler kicks up steeply to give the rear extremity of the car an angular look. Last but surely not the least; Honda has a really cool new set of 15 inch, twin 5 spoke alloy wheels that are designed to look like the propellers of an early turbine. Slap all these on your sparkling new City and you are bound to get some approving looks!

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