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New Honda City 2014 Vs Ford EcoSport

By Nitesh Sharma   |   12 January,2014

With its competitive pricing and packaging, the new Honda City has suddenly become a threat to all those cars which lie in the price bracket of City. Be it the premium entry level sedans or the established premium mid size sedans, everyone is feeling the heat of the new age, City.

While everyone is trying to find out how City is going to affect the market of sedans in India, I wonder; how this car will dent the market space of Ford Ecosport which proved to be the biggest player in Indian car market last year. There is no doubt that both the cars are from different segments and have different target audiences but the narrow gap in their pricing can easily force any Indian to think once about both options before buying anyone of these. Let’s try and find here who has the upper hand?

New Honda City variants VS Ecosport variants

Honda has launched City with a wide variety of variants with both fuel options. There are total five variants of new City available in our market namely E, S, SV, V, and VX. These all variants make sure that there is a City for everyone depending on their need and budget. The Ecosport meanwhile is available in four variants which are Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium optional.

New Honda City Features Vs Ecosport Features

Feature list of both the cars are different depending on their variants. Honda has made sure that this time no one can raise a question at the feature list of City and that’s why even the base model, E comes equipped with premium features like drivers-side airbag, ABS with EBD, power windows, electrically adjustable ORVM’S and tilt steering.

The top variant of City VX also gets automatic climate control; 15-inches alloy wheels, electrically retractable outside mirrors with side indicators, integrated audio system with five-inch display, reversing camera and sunroof. Base model of Ecosport, Ambiente is also fairly equipped and currently enjoys the longest waiting period.

It features front power windows, electrically adjustable ORVM’S with integrated side indicators, factory fitted music system with Bluetooth connectivity, remote locking and 15 inches wheels. Titanium Optional is the fully equipped variant of Ecosport with modern features like start/stop button, climate control, front, side and curtain airbags, ABS and muscular 16 inches alloy wheels.

Ford’s first in class ‘Emergency assistance system’ is also a great value for money feature in Ecosport which automatically delivers the message to emergency operators if airbags have been deployed.

Pricing: New Honda City VS Ecosport

When put against each other in terms of pricing, the mid variants of City(S and SV) and top two variants of Ecosport (Titanium and Titanium optional) find themselves placed quite close to each other. The base variant of Honda City petrol and diesel is priced at INR 7.42 lakhs and INR 8.62 lakhs while its top variants cost around INR 10.98 and 11.10 lakhs respectively. The top variants of Ecosport petrol and diesel are priced at INR 9.04 lakhs and 9.75 lakhs while its base variants are priced at INR 6.19 lakhs and INR 7.38 lakhs respectively.

 It’s completely up to you to choose which car suits you the most and fulfills your features and price wish list. Though you better hurry as the EcoSport currently has a long waiting list and it seems the new City is also going that way!

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