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Opinion- Driving the Volkswagen Vento TSI

By   |   16 January,2014

While everyone is chasing big fuel economy numbers and the best mileage, the enthusiast is left behind. The days of big petrol engines are over and slowly, steadily, turbocharged smaller petrol engines are here and we should be thankful for that. Cars like the Volkswagen Vento TSI and Ford EcoSport EcoBoost are the new age petrol cars which do not sacrifice fuel economy for power. 

Volkswagen over the past few months have been steadily upgrading their range. It started with the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI, the Cross Polo, Polo GT TDI and now the Vento TSI. I have been driving the Vento TSI for the past few days and it is amazing how it has transformed the Vento. The Vento TSI is in a different league compared to the previous Vento automatic. 

The 1.2 104 bhp TSI engine as you know is available only with a 7-speed DSG gearbox and suits the car extremely well. There are three modes including 'D', 'S' and manual. The 'D' mode is best for cruising and in the city, where the upshifts are earlier and the fuel economy is the best. The 'S' mode is what makes the car interesting as the it holds onto the gears longer and its very responsive. There is also a manual mode where you get the most control and its quite fun driving in that, though paddle shifters were sorely missed.

There is no turbolag at all and this engine offers strong performance all the way. As said earlier these cars do not sacrifice fuel economy at the altar of performance and here the Vento TSI during my time with the car has been steadily giving 11-12 kmpl in the city. The rest of the bits remain the same and the Vento TSI rides and handles pretty much like before. Now here was a golden chance for VW to make the Vento TSI a proper sports sedan but I guess they did not want to narrow down the cutomer base. I would have liked a better steering too.

The Vento TSI is only available in the top-spec variant and is priced at Rs 9.99 lakh ex-showroom. Using it for the past few days, the Vento TSI has impressed me a lot. Its subtle yet classy styling is just right for me and the build quality is easily class best. The added practicality of better legroom and a boot over the Polo GT TSI make it more appealing also. In the end the TSI is the pick of the Vento range and also makes a strong case as the best petrol midsize sedan out there.

Photography- Rajeev Bhendwal

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