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Auto Expo 2014- New Renault Concept to Debut

By   |   23 January,2014

Yesterday Renault India had sent us a press release stating its Auto Expo plans but they had only revealed their plans partially as no specific model names were given. So in essence here is what we got as far as Renault India's Auto Expo 2014 plans are concerned.

Worldwide premiere of a Renault concept car

Two Product facelifts 

One product upgrade

One brand new limited edition

Now as said earlier no info or image has been revealed by Renault though we think this would be the Renault version of the Datsun concept that also will be revealed at the Expo. The Renault version will be differently styled but like the Nissan Terrano will share a lot. There is no confirmations regarding this so hold on is what we say.. About the other cars the facelifted Koleos and Fluence will be there to of which we have discussed in detail elsewhere. Limited edition and product upgrades could be of the Renault Duster and the Scala/Pulse.

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