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Chevrolet teases Adra SUV concept

By   |   04 February,2014

Yes what you see here is the upcoming compact SUV from Chevrolet called Chevrolet Adra. While normally manufacturers reveal only a small part of a car and leave it to us journos to figure it out this time Chevrolet India has been generous. the side profile shows a handsome looking SUV that also looks rugged.

This SUV concept seems to sport big wheels and is big on presence. We can see the sharp headlamps, the chunky styling which is very important, giving it a layer of desirability. This is a very important unveil for the company and its future in India. The Adra is a brainchild of the Indian designers and has been designed at the GM technical centre in India. The Adra will compete with the Ford Ecosport and others. We can't wait to see it in the flesh at the Auto Expo 2014.

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