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Auto Expo 2014 ——— Renault Kwid Concept Revealed

By   |   05 February,2014

French car maker Renault has just revealed a new concept here at the Indian Auto Expo in New Delhi. Called the Kwid Concept, the vehicle has a very funky and tough looking design that aims to appeal to younger car buyers. This car also happens to be the very first concept car from Renault to be unveiled outside Europe.

The Kwid concept was designed with inputs from Renault Design India and it looks like a proper off roader, despite having only a 2 wheel drive layout. The interior of the car is designed to look like a bird’s nest to impart a sense of snugness and it is made of out of a bright, two tone elastomer material. The dashboard of the car is basically a tablet that is integrated into it. The car is also ready for zero emissions capability.

“This is the first time we have chosen to reveal a concept car outside Europe and this is an eloquent sign of our commitment to India. Young customers in India are often trend setters, looking forward to pushing the envelope when it comes to technology and enjoyable drives. The Kwid Concept, with its Flying Companion, meets this forward-looking spirit with both its dynamic styling and hyper connectivity.”, commented Gilles Normand, the Chairman of Asia Pacific at Renault.

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