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Auto Expo 2014-Audi A3 Debuts at the Indian Auto Expo 2014

By   |   05 February,2014

German automotive leviathan Audi has firmly planted its foot on Indian soil with a whole fleet of luxurious and high performing sedans and SUVs. Audis in India have been very well received thanks to a combination of amazing levels of quality, premium brand image and strong performance.


Up until recently, the easiest method of being inducted into the Four-Ringed club in India was to purchase an A4 but now, the new Audi A3 has debuted. This new car is smaller than the Audis we’ve seen on the road, similar in length to a Toyota Corolla, and it will be put on sale with either a 2.0 litre diesel or a 1.8 litre petrol engine under the bonnet and a DSG gearbox to channel that power.

The car is unmistakably an Audi, with its signature front grille, LED headlamp clusters and sporty poise. On the inside, it’s the same level of brilliant quality that we’ve come to expect from an Audi. With the launch of the A3, Audi has spread its reach in the Indian automotive scene farther than it ever has before and we feel that making it less wallet-destroying to own a car with the four rings badge on it is a smashing idea in every way!

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