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Auto Expo 2014- Tata Nano Twist F-Tronic

By   |   05 February,2014

Tata showcased the Nano Twist F-Tronic which has an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).The AMT fitted in F-Tronic range of cars has been developed with the Italy based, Magnetic Marelli.

The F-Tronic is an electro-hydraulic mechanism and is based on an electronic control unit and a hydraulic system that supervises the use of the clutch and the gear shiftingthus, allowing the driver to change gear without having to controlling the clutch, either sequentially or fully automatically. This technology will encompass petrol and for the first time in India in Diesel, which shall be available in the all-new ZEST. It opens and closes the clutch, engages and disengages the gears and, when necessary, it also provides the choice of transmission (automatic or sequential mode for changing gear).

These three control movements are ensured by three specific hydraulic actuators, controlled by hydraulic electro-valves. These control movements are ensured by specific hydraulic actuators for both clutch and gear shifts, driven by electro-valves.

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