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Auto Expo 2014 ——— Mercedes-Benz ML500 Guard Launched

By   |   08 February,2014


The ML-Class has been a success in our country and now Mercedes-Benz has expanded its portfolio with the addition of the M-Class Guard version. This SUV will appeal to those looking for some serious protection and in days like these, protection agaisnt security threats occupies a very important niche. This is the latest addition to Merc’s Guard fleet that already includes the S-class, E-class and the G-class.


The Guard is an armoured version of the standard Mercedes-Benz ML class and it is designed solely with the VVIP class in mind. The Guard programme of Mercedes-Benz takes standard cars from its brand and gives them several layers of protection that include armour plating, blast proof components, bulletproof windows and run flat tyres. All these additions add a considerable amount of weight and because of this, the chassis of the car needed to be completely remade to handle the immense bulk.


The ML Guard can shrug off handgun shots, certain types of machine gun fire and even blasts from grenades thanks to reinforcements of glass that do not shatter on impact, high density plastics and steel. Even the run flat tyres have been specially designed with reinforced sidewalls that can take the full weight of the car & still drive at speed without destroying themselves in the event that someone tries to shoot the tyres out. Clearly, if you want to be able to drive out of a mini war with your internal organs still inside where they belong, the ML500 Guard is yours for INR 2.49 crores!

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