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Auto Expo 2014- Range Rover long wheelbase seems ideal for India

By   |   09 February,2014

Luxury car buyers in India and other major markets like China prefer to be at the rear seat which is a fact that everyone knows. Knowing there is a market for it Land Rover has bought the Range Rover long wheelbase in India. This makes it an ideal choice for our market as many buyers of the standard Range Rover prefer to sit at the back anyways. So in essence this Land Rover Range Rover has increased rear legroom by 186mm for rear seat passengers and boosted recline to 17 degrees with the executive seating package to provide enhanced comfort and space.

Available with either bench or individual Executive Class rear seats, the second row executive style seats can recline to 17 degrees, a full eight degrees more than the nine degrees on the standard wheelbase. Passenger Seat Away slides the front seat forward to provide additional space and comfort. For added convenience, the long wheelbase is equipped with powered side door blinds and a panoramic sunroof as standard, as well as increased stowage. Price? Rs 2.08 crore.

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