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Auto Expo 2014 Bajaj Pulsar CS400 and SS400 First Look Review

By Nitesh Sharma   |   10 February,2014

Pulsar, the name itself has become the identity of the new gen Bajaj in India. Whenever Bajaj, plays with this brand, they often surprise Indians with their new offerings and this time also it’s no different. At the Auto Expo 2014, when everyone was expecting the 250cc version of Pulsar, Bajaj raised the eyebrows of everyone by introducing the 400cc version of its Flagship bike.

Bajaj introduced two versions of the new gen Pulsar namely SS440 and CS400, both powered by the KTM sourced 375cc engine also powering the Duke 390. However, Bajaj has retuned this engine for these two new bikes using their triple spark and fuel injection technology. This single cylinder engine is likely to produce the power output of 40bhp. This engine is mated with a six-speed manual transmission and both the bikes are equipped with premium safety features like ABS and disc brakes on both wheels.

The CS400 also known as cruiser sports look like the evolved version of its younger sibling, 200NS in terms of styling. The chunky appearance and more visual bulk differentiate this bike from 200NS and clearly make it look like a tough competition to the KTM 390.

The conventional handle, oval shaped headlight and beefy telescopic forks give it a naked appearance while the exposed chain, small muffler, split seats and mono shocker adds sporty touch to this bike. The spilt seating and foot peg arrangement looks like the combination of a cruiser and commuter bike which targets the mass market.

The second offering is Bajaj’s first full fairing bike Super Sports bike which comes with twin projector headlights with visor and full size fairing featuring faux air-inlets and carbon fibre treatment. The long visor comes mounted with rear view mirrors which add premium touch to this bike.

The extended fuel tank with sharp lines enhances the aerodynamics of this bike while the high clips on handle bar give you sporty yet comfortable riding position. The bike features digital speedometer along with analog tachometer. The bike looks magnificent from every angle and looks like the best designed bike from Bajaj till date. The Floating V-shaped LED tail lights on the rear fender, exposed chain and chunky rear tyre further gives sporty stance to this bike.

Given the fact that these bikes will be locally produced in future, it is quite expected that these new age twin Pulsar siblings will soon become the most affordable bikes in the entry level sports bike segment in India. Bajaj has already learnt the art of pricing and packaging and with these bikes; one can easily predict the future planning of Bajaj to ride on the fortunes of Pulsar and rule the premium segment of bikes in India.

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