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Maruti Celerio AMT Transmission in Detail

By Nitesh Sharma   |   12 February,2014

If one has to give credit for the introduction of Automated Manual Transmission in India then it has to be the Maruti Suzuki Celerio. This new car equipped with nation’s first AMT became the show stopper at the Auto Expo 2014 and grabbed many eyeballs.

We hope after reading this article, you will get to know the basics about this new technology.

The automatic version of Celerio uses the same gearbox available in its manual variant. What differentiates AMT from conventional auto boxes and manual gearboxes is that it neither uses a clutch as in manual nor it uses an automatic torque converter similar to automatic gearboxes. Instead, it uses hydraulic actuators to engage its clutch and gears using a dedicated ECU.

It simply takes the load off the driver’s brain and ends up giving you stress free city rides. Apart from the ‘D’ (Drive mode), N’(Neutral) and ‘R’ (Reverse) similar to regular auto boxes, Celerio also comes with ‘M’(Manual mode) which allows you to upshift(+) and downshift(-) gears manually without using the clutch.This technology is patented by Magneti Marelli, a sub-unit of Fiat Motors and this complete AMT unit will be assembled at Maruti’s plant in Manesar.

The only disadvantage of using AMT is that there is noticeable amount of jerk while changing gears as it lacks the smoothness of a torque converter. That’s the only reason why developed auto markets have shifted from AMT’s to proper automatic transmissions by spending a bit extra on the technology but in auto markets like India where people always look for cheap and convenient options without compromising on fuel efficiency, it surely looks like the next big thing.

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