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Maruti Celerio AMT has more demand than manual

By   |   18 February,2014

Speaking to a few Maruti dealers has confirmed that the recently launched Celerio hatch is increasingly getting popular for its AMT gearbox. The AMT gearbox equipped Celerio is outselling the manual variant and it seems it will continue to do so.

Maruti has been heavily promoting the AMT gearbox and that has reaped rewards as the buyers are eager to try out this gearbox plus the benefits of the autobox are there without the negatives associated with it. Automatics are a lot more expensive than their manual counterparts plus also have less fuel efficiency but in the case of the Celerio that is not the case.

The AMT gearbox equipped Maruti Celerio delivers 23.1 kmpl plus there is hardly any price difference between the manual and auto. The automatic Celerio is priced at Rs 4.29 lakh and goes to Rs 4.59 lakh for the Vxi. This means the auto is cheaper than the top of the line manual. Yes do not get as many features as in the manual but the benefit of having this gearbox is far greater. Buyers have realised that so it seems will the arrival of the AMT wipe out manuals?

Maruti Celerio First Drive

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