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Audi and Mercedes-Benz Cut Prices

By   |   19 February,2014

With the recent announcement of the excise duties on cars being cut, German automotive giants Audi and Mercedes-Benz have announced a lowering of prices of their cars. More car makers such as Mahindra, Tata Motors, GM, Toyota and Nissan have also made known that they will do the same soon.

Audi has slashed the price of its top end SUV, the Q7, by a whopping 3.82 lakhs down to INR 78.28 lakhs. The Q5 has been made more affordable by 2.22 lakhs to an asking price of INR 45.72 lakhs. The base variant of the A4 sedan now costs INR 29.85 lakhs, a reduction of Rs. 72,000.

Mercedes-Benz has also taken the same route, lowering prices of the GL class SUV from INR 74 lakhs to INR 72 lakhs. The E250 CDI sees a reduction of Rs. 76,000 to INR 46.90 lakhs and the cost of the C220 Avant Garde edition has been reduced by Rs. 55,000 from INR 39.90 lakhs to INR 39.35 lakhs. The heads of several automotive firms have commented on the reduction of excise duties for vehicles by saying that the benefits will be passed on to the customers.

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