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Lotus to Build its First Ever Motorbike

By   |   24 February,2014

Lotus was hitherto known for its ultra lightweight and extremely focussed sports cars. These cars were purpose built with an almost fanatical attention to detail and had absolutely nothing superfluous that could have a negative effect on performance.

A spin-off from the car manufacturer called Lotus Motorcycles has been established to design and create these bikes. The first ever motorcycle will be named the Lotus C-01. Lotus Motorcycles is a joint project of Kodewa, car designer Daniel Simon and the Holzer Group. Kodewa has recently built the new sports car Lotus T128 LMP (Le Mans Prototype) and is running the Lotus LMP2 program in the FIA World Endurance Championship. The company also has expertise in Formula 1, DTM and other motorsports categories.

The Lotus C-01 will be a hyper bike with integrated racing technology and will be manufactured using materials like carbon, titanium and aerospace grade steel. The company has claims that they have put an extra bit of effort on the design, ergonomics and safety of this bike that will be powered by an approximately 200 bhp engine.

The motorcycles themselves will be designed by renowned designer Daniel Simon, a former designer for Bugatti Automobiles who has recently created some concept vehicles seen in Hollywood films, such as the ‘Lightcycle’ in the 2010 Disney motion picture ‘Tron: Legacy’ and the ‘Bubbleship’ used by Tom Cruise in the recent Universal sci-fi hit ‘Oblivion’. The German designer is also responsible for the black and gold livery of the Lotus LMP2 sports cars.

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