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Volkswagen Polo R Cup Season 2014 Kicks Off

By   |   10 March,2014

The fifth season of the Volkswagen Polo R Cup commenced recently with the selection of drivers at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on the 5th and 6th of March, 2014. The 23 short listed participants slugged it out to thin the herd down to 12 drivers who will join the drivers of the previous season.

On the first day, the drivers were given an introduction to race cars as well as safety briefings. Then they were put on the track to drive through slalom courses and braking exercises to judge their car control and responsiveness.

Following this, there were driving sessions around the full circuit under the guidance of Polo R Cup driver and multinational karting champion, Rayomand Banajee. The drivers were then briefed on essential aspects of track driving and were then sent out on two timed laps to select 16 drivers from the 23 that started out.

On the second day, the drivers were put out on 4 more sessions to judge them in different areas. Drivers were selected primarily on their willingness to implement what the coaches had been teaching them. The final criterion for selection was a fitness test which included muscle strength exercises, cardio exercises and running.

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