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Fiat Avventura First Look Review

By   |   14 March,2014

At the Indian Auto Expo which was held in February at Greater Noida, Italian car manufacturer Fiat unveiled the new Avventura. This car is the latest among the new line of crossover vehicles which includes the Toyota Etios Cross and the Volkswagen Cross Polo.

The Avventura is a high riding 5 door vehicle with design features to make it look tough and ready for off-road driving such as thick black cladding to protect the car from scraping on rocks, flared wheel arches, skid plates, roof rails, tow hooks for winching, sporty 17 inch alloys, a spare wheel bolted onto the tailgate and so on.

At the moment, Fiat are being very clandestine about the details of the Avventura but have assured that they will be launching it sometime this year along with the new Punto and the petite but lairy Fiat 500 Abarth. The demand for the Avventura is already so high that the company is considering putting this vehicle on sale even earlier than expected.

Another feature designed for off road driving but which could come in handy while driving on the infamously potholed roads in India is the tall 200mm ground clearance of this car. Fiat has clearly gone to lengths to make the Avventura look like a car that was designed from the ground up to be what it is rather than a regular car with off-roading bits bolted on as an afterthought.

Fiat has not released many details but, it is fairly sure that the Avventura will come with both petrol and diesel engine options and that the diesel engine will most likely be the tried and tested 1.3 litre, 92 bhp Multijet motor. Inside, a lot of components come from the new Linea’s parts bin and that might not necessarily be a bad thing because the quality of materials is high for a car in its price range.

So far, the Avventura has been shown with a flaming orange paint job and while it might not be to everyone’s taste, there’s no arguing that it is very eye-catching. Also, since this car is targeted at younger buyers, we can expect some more loud colour choices for the Avventura. Sticking with the young and cool look of the car, the spare wheel is attached to the tailgate. Proper off-road enthusiasts will consider this to be an almost mandatory fixture and the Avventura has followed cars like the Ford EcoSport in including this feature.

Fiat has severed connections with Tata Motors and will be establishing their own service network. Also, they have changed the laidback attitude they had earlier which resulted in terrible sales and service and instead, adopted a far more proactive stance. This will come as a boon to existing Fiat owners and should result in the company doing significantly better in India.

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