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Maruti Celerio AMT vs Swift

By   |   16 March,2014

Let us get straight to the point, Celerio AMT or the Swift. Now both are in different class but the Celerio with the AMT questions you whether you should buy the automatic car instead of manual. Ever since its launch majority of buyers are opting for the AMT version of the Celerio and that is no surprise due to its 23.1 kmpl efficiency (same as manual) and the convinience of the autobox.

Thus in pure comparison let us take a look at the prices. The Maruti Celerio AMT range starts at Rs 4.14 lakh while the base variant manual Swift starts at Rs 4.4 lakh. Of course the Swift is bigger and more powerful with a 1197 cc engine in place of the 998 cc engine in the Celerio. But the 67 odd bhp in the Celerio is pretty quick and its not slow at all plus the Swift drinks more than the Celerio.

Yes the quality, look of the interior is better in the Swift and as said earlier it belongs to a bigger class but in sheer economics and the whole AMT gearbox factor we think it makes more sense to go for a Celerio AMT instead of the Swift petrol manual.

Maruti it seems does not want the Celerio to collide with the bigger Maruti's in terms of pricing thus the Celerio is only available in LXi and Vxi spec but considering the demand a better equipped ZXi AMT Celerio could be coming very soon.

So if you are considering the petrol Swift we think the plus point of the AMT gearbox is strong enough to go for the Celerio instead.

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