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Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Will Be Held on March 23

By   |   18 March,2014

The inaugural round of the Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship will be conducted at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida on the 23rd of March. This will be the first time India sees truck racing happening on its soil.

Top British truck racing drivers including Bran John Burt, David Jenkins, Paul McCumisky, David Ball, Stuart Oliver, James Horne, Simon Ashley Reid, Richard Collett, Steven Powell, Steven Thomas and Graham Powell will be showing their driving skills during the event. The series will use six heavily modified Tata Prima trucks capable of putting out 370 bhp and reaching a top speed of 110 kph.

There will be six teams of two trucks each. 22 key modifications were made to meet a mix of safety and performance needs as per guidelines from British Truck Racing Association. These include significant changes to the fuel tank, brake cooling system, propeller shaft guards, racing seats, safety harnesses, exhaust system, steering wheel and so on. The trucks have gone through multiple quality checks and have also been tested on the circuit at Jamshedpur for high speed control. The opening and closing ceremonies will see a host of celebrities like Mika, Salim Sulamain, Sivamani, Sanjay Shetty’s dance troupe, Bollywood celebrities, a truck exhibition, merchandise shops and test drives of trucks for the public.

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