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Toyota Issues Fresh Statement on Lockout

By   |   21 March,2014

The lockout at Toyota’s manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Bangalore will be lifted with effect from Monday, 24th March, 2014. This lockout was implemented as a result of tension between the management and the workers union which saw incidents of employees holding up the production line and threatening supervisors.

Toyota released a statement regarding the situation saying, “The Company has submitted to the Deputy Labour Commissioner that considering the inclination and in the interest of majority law abiding team members, we have decided to lift the lock out implemented vide notice dated March 16, 2014. Consequent to our above decision, the team members are welcome to resume work with effect from Monday, March 24, 2014 after signing a simple undertaking on good conduct. We wish to thank the Govt. of Karnataka for their valuable advice concerning our operation.”

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