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BMW M6 Gran Coupe Launched

By   |   03 April,2014

The BMW 6 series was already a sporty looking, high performance vehicle to begin with and then the power-crazed boffins at BMW’s M division got hold of the car. Once they performed their magic on the 6 series, the world got the M6 and we could have it either as a coupe or as a cabriolet.

Now, India will meet the 3rd form of this big Beemer – the M6 Gran Coupe. This version is where the rakish BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe contains all the madness of the standard M6, but now that it’s got 4 doors and a proper back seat, you can also take your family out for a drive that will leave their hair standing on end! With its 4 door, 4 seater layout, a boot and a hugely powerful engine; the M6 Gran Coupe has got, in India, the Audi RS7 in its crosshairs.

This new sports sedan from southern Germany has a 4.4 litre, twin turbocharged, V8 petrol engine that blasts the entirety of its 560 hp at the rear wheels via a 7 speed, dual clutch automatic transmission. That is quite a lot and considering that this car weighs awfully close to 2 tons, you really need to work to handle this car at its limit. But despite all this mass, the Gran Coupe is good enough for a 0-100 kph time of 4.1 seconds.

Step inside (you really have to bend quite a bit if you’re tall and getting into the rear of the car) and it is a typical BMW interior – cool, futuristic and everything is made from excellent quality materials. The centre console is dominated by a huge infotainment screen for the iDrive system and a plethora of buttons to adjust a heap of parameters that sets the car up exactly as you want it to be. All this awesomeness can be yours for the equally awesome ex-showroom price of INR 1.75 crores!

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