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Upcoming New Ford Car Launches in India 2015

By   |   31 March,2015

American automotive giant Ford will be launching 4 new cars for car buyers in India in the not too distant future. This new product line-up will include a sports car, hatchback, SUV and a compact sedan. First of the launches would be the Figo Aspire then followed by the hatch later joined by the new Endeavour and a surprise launch of the new Mustang.

Figo Aspire

As everyone knows, the compact sedan segment occupies some prime real estate in the Indian automotive market and several manufacturers have launched their sub 4 metre sedans. Keen to not miss out on the action, Ford will be taking the plunge as well with the new Figo Aspire. The boot is a seamless addition and does not look like a hack and graft job plus it stays somewhat true to its concept like styling. The performance of the car should be good but it will be frugal as well with the 1.2 petrol and 1.5 diesel. Ford is also keen to broaden the appeal of the Figo Aspire thus it will also have an automatic option. The Figo Aspire will also come with features like the Sync with AppLink. For more on the Figo Aspire read here

Figo Hatch

Ford also has a new premium hatchback in its stable which is basically the Figo Aspire without a boot. The car gets Fords new design theme with the front grille reminiscent of an Aston Martin, sculpted headlamps and a generally pleasant appearance. The car also gets innovative features just like its compact sedan sibling along with the same set of engines. The Figo hatch would be a very important launch considering the hatch space is getting very competitive.

New Endeavour

One of the more awaited cars from Ford this year is the new Endeavour. The previous version of this car attracted a lot of people with its rugged, no-nonsense looks and driveability. The new Ford Endeavour looks even more tough and modern with its powerful stance, massive chrome front grille and beefy alloys than its predecessor. It is also longer and wider than the previous vehicle and its interiors are more luxurious as well. With this new Endeavour, Ford will be directly targeting vehicles like the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the Toyota Fortuner.


This is no surprise as we have been saying for a long time now that the new Mustang will make its way into the Indian market as Ford wants other markets to get a taste of their icon. Some time back the new Mustang went on sale in the UK and (wealthy) sports car fans in India will soon be able to get their hands on this slice of Americana. In RHD form the new Mustang will probably come with the EcoBoost though for many a Mustang is not a proper Mustang without a V8. When it comes do not expect it to be cheap but still it will be cheaper than many other sports cars in available in India now.

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