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New Design Language and Tech for Future Volvo Cars

By   |   08 April,2014

Scandinavian car manufacturer Volvo Cars is working on revitalising both its products and its brand image. A part of the process is the introduction of a new design philosophy in a series of concept cars to showcase it to the world. In parallel, the company is also introducing new technologies that will elevate the driving experience of Volvo cars.

The new design combines modern design concepts and traditional design culture and creates human-centric, modern aesthetics. Volvo showed Volvo Cars’ new design language, embodied by the Concept Estate, which is the third and final vehicle in a series of design concepts that also includes the Concept Coupe and the Concept XC. At the Geneva Motor Show recently all three vehicles were on display for the first time and the Concept Estate won “The Car of the Show” award.

The new modular Drive-E powertrain family was presented last year and these new engines and gearboxes are now gradually introduced in markets around the globe. Through downsizing to smaller, four-cylinder engines and the use of turbo, superchargers and electrification technology, Volvo Cars is able to offer high performance and low fuel consumption engines.

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