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Honda to Showcase Two Concepts at Beijing Auto Show

By   |   10 April,2014

At the Beijing Auto Show which will be held in the capital of China later this month, Japanese car maker Honda has announced that it will put two brand new concept vehicles on display.

This new concept shown above is a preview for a new model from Honda that will be designed exclusively for the Chinese automotive market. From the image, it looks like a taut and rakish, 2+2 coupe with the usual concept car design traits of massive alloys, space age headlamp clusters, sharply angled windshield and so on. The rear overhang seems extremely short, reminiscent of the sub 4 metre compact sedans we have here on Indian roads.

The other concept car that Honda has up its sleeves is supposedly a foreshadow of the new Accord and there are also unconfirmed reports about the next generation Honda Fit being showcased. However, we will get to see all these vehicles once the Beijing Motor Show commences on the 20th of April.

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