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Land Rover Debuts Invisible Bonnet Technology

By   |   10 April,2014

We haven’t got Harry Potter’s awesome invisibility cloak yet but we sure are getting there! While off-roading, one always wishes for a little more visibility so that they don’t end up busting the car’s underside on a particularly large and nasty rock. Legendary British SUV maker Land Rover might have a solution to that.

The company has developed a pioneering bit of tech that makes the bonnet of the car virtually invisible so that drivers can “see” right through it. Land Rover has achieved this marvellous concept, aptly named Transparent Bonnet, by installing cameras in the car’s grille that feed video data of the terrain underneath the bonnet and engine bay to a Heads-Up Display (HUD).

The Transparent Bonnet technology is especially helpful while driving over a sharp gradient or traversing through a confined area because drivers see not just an augmented reality view of the terrain below, but also the position and angle of the front wheels. This technology, along with others, will be showcased in the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept vehicle at the 2014 New York International Auto Show during the latter half of April.

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