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One million Renault Dusters produced globally in four years

By   |   11 April,2014

The Renault Duster has been a big success not just in India but all over the world and ever since its worldwide launch four years ago one million Duster's have been produced!

This is a Combined worldwide productions of Renault and Dacia-branded Dusters. The millionth Duster was made at Renault’s plant in Curitiba, Brazil, and will be delivered to a customer in the same country. Today, it is available in more than 100 countries, branded either as a Renault or a Dacia.

For India the Duster the right-hand drive version with a specific interior has been a big success and continues to be so.

Duster’s five biggest markets

Market  Brand  Total sales since launch

Russia Renault 151,633

France Dacia 145,612

Brazil Renault 117,303

India Renault 85,974

Germany Dacia 70,159

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