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Rejoice! Nissan makes world's first self-cleaning car prototype

By Nitesh Sharma   |   28 April,2014

My car should always be as neat and clean as a showroom example; that's what most of the people desire. But keeping your car clean is itself a task on daily basis and it also becomes expensive depending upon your car. Keeping this issue in mind, Nissan has come up with yet another futuristic technology which will be first seen on their car, Note Prototype.

This revolutionary paint technology known as Ultra Ever Dry is known to repel dirt, mud and water which reduces chances of your car getting dirty thus making it easy for you to keep your car as clean as new.

This paint technology does so by creating a layer of air between atmosphere and car's body surface which keeps dirt and mud away from this car. This super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint also avoids any type of oil to stick on it and it also makes sure that even if water and dirt makes it to the car's surface; it does not let the water, mud to leave anymark or spot on the surface.

Nissan will also test the super hydrophobic version of this paint on Note prototype in the coming months so that they can offer this paint as an aftermarket application. It’s not for the first time that Nissan is experimenting such cleaning application on Note as earlier they havealso successfully tested the self-cleansing function of rear camera in this car. The rear camera uses wash and blow dry function which helps camera and sensors to stay clear and work properlyin wet and muddy conditions.

Let's hope Nissan brings this even as a future aftermarket options because needless to say it will be very popular.

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