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Hyundai Genesis First Review, Expected India Launch

By   |   13 May,2014

Hyundai is fast dropping its image of a car maker that only manufactures sensible little hatchbacks that are easily within reach of the masses. One only needs to clap eyes on the new Sonata and the Hyundai Santa Fe to see it for themselves.

Now, the company has even bigger and even more ambitious plans with its new Genesis sedan. This vehicle has received Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture 2.0, a more mature and evolved version of the original Fluidic Design language. The new Genesis looks extremely elegant and stylish. It has a definite European-ness to it with its dignified stance, flowing roofline and other design characteristics.

As is the case with Hyundais today, the new Genesis is crammed full of the latest, high tech features such as HID headlights with LED turn indicators, puddle lamps, adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist and so on. Another brilliant feature is the lane keep assist which uses cameras to keep the car within the white lines on the road. The driver can actually let go of the steering and the car will steer itself through bends! But, due to health and safety concerns, the system will shut down (after issuing an alert, of course) 15 seconds after the driver lets go of the steering wheel so that manual control can be taken back.

Other features and comforts include large touchscreens for navigation and infotainment, rear seat entertainment, USB connectivity, heated seats and something that sounds very interesting – automatic boot opening. Basically what you do is just stand directly behind the car until you hear four beeps and voila, the boot pops open. This will undoubtedly be the party piece while showing off your new Genesis to your friends! Hyundai could very well bring this car to India and if they do, it will be the flagship model of the company, a spot currently enjoyed by the excellent new Santa Fe. It also will give a lot of luxury cars in India a real cause to worry.

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