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Summer Car Care Tips

  28 April,2016


Keep your cars coolant levels topped up. If there is not sufficient coolant in the system, your cars engine can overheat and seize up. But make sure that the engine is not hot when opening the radiator cap because the whole thing will be under pressure and can scald you severely.

Air Conditioner

Quite possibly regarded as the most important feature of a car during summer (and for good reason!), the air conditioner must be ready to tackle the immense heat. A good service should find out whether there are any problems with the compressor or whether the refrigerant level is low.

Parking in the Sun

Try as much as possible to avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. Even after being in the sun for a short while, the cars interiors can become intolerably hot. If there is no alternative, crack the windows so that air can circulate. Also, do not turn the AC on immediately afterwards. Drive for a few minutes with the windows down to allow most of the heat to escape first. This reduces the AC load immensely and also helps to reduce fuel consumption.


Change the oil at regular intervals as specified by the manufacturer; more frequently if you live in a dusty or more polluted area. Otherwise, carbon build-up, viscosity loss and other residue in the oil can wreck your engine. Synthetic engine oils are better for your engine than regular oil. Although they cost more, they will actually reduce maintenance costs over time. It is also worth making sure that your car has a clean air filter.


Tyres wear faster when driven in hot and dry weather conditions. The tread can go bald and tyre pressure loss increases during the summer months. Keep the tyre pressure at optimum levels at all times and if the tread depth is less than ideal, change the tyre itself.


Brake pads get eroded at a much faster rate under the summer heat and this can severely affect the stopping distance of the car. Always check the brake pad thickness before summer hits to make sure that they will last. Otherwise you will be putting yourself at a high risk of not being able to bring the car to a halt in time.


Checking your wipers in summer might sound odd but during these hot months, summer showers do occur. Under the blazing sun and hot air, the rubber wiper blades can get baked until they become brittle and cracked. This means that when they rains arrive; visibility through the windshield can become awfully hampered. Therefore, ensure that the wiper blades are in good condition and that the windshield washer fluid is topped up.

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