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New Toyota Corolla Altis petrol has more demand than diesel

By   |   09 June,2014

The new Toyota Corolla Altis has got off to a good start and our sources tell us that the petrol model has more demand than the diesel. While the difference between petrol and diesel prices is becoming lesser and lesser, the ratio of petrol to diesel Corolla's sold is a bit surprising since the ratio is seventy thirty for petrol and diesel.

The new Corolla Altis which is bigger and more spacious than before is packed with more features and features a much more aggressive design compared to its rather bland predecessor. It seems buyers are going in for the much more powerful 1.8 petrol instead of the 1.4 diesel. The CVT gearbox equipped automatic variant which is only available in petrol is also doing well. Currently the new Corolla Altis has a waiting period of 1 month depending on colour and variants.

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